Whisky tasting with Mackmyra


mackmyrawhiskyprovningDuring one and half hour you get to try a selection of Mackmyra’s unique 30-liter drums and learn more about the company’s exciting journey. You will learn how they manufacture whiskey and how their small 30-liter barrels affect the maturation and flavor. We learn about how the oak has significance for the whiskey.
We also focus on simple tips and tricks on how you can get even more out of your experience by understanding how we perceive smells and tastes. Easy going, informative and with enthusiasm over the good things in life.
Take the opportunity to stay over at The Lodge with one of our weekend packages or just stay and eat a fantastic dinner. Remember to make a reservation if you wish to stay after the whiskey event.


Price 395 SEK/person excl vat

Minimum 8 guests