The History of The Lodge


Back in year 1933, Björnstorps Manor built a hunting lodge at “The Weather Hill” named Romelestugan. The cottage was very simple with turfed roof. Although it only had a large living room and a small kitchen it soon became a popular coffee and waffle house.


Den ursprungliga RomelestuganDuring our work with hot air balloons in 1997/98 we got the opportunity to follow the sailing competition Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race with one of our balloons as a sponsorship to Swedish Match. In this long and exciting journey, we saw many fabulous hotels and then an idea was born that at some point in our lives build our own hotel. When we got the opportunity in 2003 to take over Romelestugan we never hesitated to let our dream come true.


The LodgeAfter spending some time in the United States, including Aspen in Colorado, we were inspired to build the hotel in the New England style. We also wanted the cosiness you´ll find on many of the lodges in the Rocky Mountains and therefore the result was a combination of the two.


The construction, which we ourselves have been deeply involved in, took nearly three years to complete. We have built with so much local material as possible and almost exclusively used local craftsmen. The water comes from own source and our own recycling system contributes to make such a small impact on the environment as possible.


To keep parts of the story, we have retained a small portion of the old Romelestugan, that you clearly can see if you look at the floor in the restaurant.


Naturally, it has not been easy to build on a mountain peak and many custom solutions have been made along the way. We are very proud and pleased with what we have achieved. We hope you enjoy our hotel, our commitment to the environment and not least – our commitment to you as a our guest.


Henrik Holmqvist, Mikael Goldner & Anders Holmqvist